Darius Danesh, Katie Targett-Adams, Kelly Cooper-Barr Become Official Spokespeople

Scottish musicians and stylist to promote Thistle & Broom, Scotland globally

Edinburgh - April 19, 2005 - Thistle & Broom, Scotland's newly launched online marketer of fine, handmade Scottish goods, today announced pop star Darius Danesh and his brother Aria, Celtic harp soloist Katie Targett-Adams, and fashion stylist and television presenter Kelly Cooper-Barr have joined the firm as its official spokespeople and models. All wore Thistle & Broom fashions during its recent launch at the Friends of Scotland Dressed to Kilt event in New York City.

High profile Scots Danesh, Targett-Adams, Cooper-Barr and Darius' younger brother Aria will join forces to work in helping to promote the mission behind Thistle & Broom, which aims to bring a renewed sense of appreciation and passion to their native Scotland's cultural scene.

"The merchandise offered throughout Thistle & Broom is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen," said Danesh who becomes the lead face for the men's clothing. "It's an honour for me to be associated with a Scottish company with a commitment to tell our story, to provide a mechanism for actually purchasing luxury goods made here and know that each product sold will benefit our country." Taking a year off to do charitable work from his medical school studies at Edinburgh University brother Aria added, "Thistle & Broom is everything we as Scots feel, but rarely express. We all feel richer for the opportunity to support this special effort."

Targett-Adams and Cooper-Barr will share responsibilities for Thistle & Broom's women's fashions. "There's a lot of talk about the value we, as a nation, place upon our cultural heritage and the creative energies of all our artists," said Targett-Adams. "Thistle & Broom isn't talking about it, it's leading by example." Cooper-Barr was quick to add, "Thistle & Broom has brought cause-related marketing to the Scottish luxury goods market and made certain that it would do more than simply adorn. Teresa's sincere reverence for Scotland is coupled with an infectious enthusiasm and commitment to make things better, she absolutely sweeps you up."

"Darius, Katie, Kelly and Aria are such incredible people. Each of them enormously talented and gifted with integrity and conviction, to have their support for Thistle & Broom's mission for Scotland is a blessing and pure joy," said Teresa Fritschi, managing director and chief creative officer.

In addition to modeling the fashions, the four hope to help attract Scotland's creative talent to join as suppliers. "We all feel strongly about the value proposition offered by Thistle & Broom. This is a gorgeous, well thought out venue for Scottish artists to sell their products," Targett-Adams said. Danesh continued, "Teresa's efforts with Thistle & Broom are designed to provide every artistic Scot, be they musician, visual artist or fashion designer, the perfect outlet for reaching a global audience emotionally connected to Scotland."

Summing up the opportunity Fritschi expressed, "There are over 100,000 artists registered in Scotland, the average artist in Scotland earns less than 9,000 per annum and not one under the age of thirty-five can earn a living at their art. If you aren't concentrating on your core competency then how can you be an artist? With Katie, Darius, Kelly and Aria's collective encouragement we can help more of Scotland's creativity reach an appreciative audience through our efforts."

For more information please visit: http://www.dressedtokilt.com/

About Thistle & Broom
Thistle & Broom was founded in 2004 to serve as a cooperative luxury brand by providing direct access to often times impossible to source one-of-a-kind luxury goods, all crafted in Scotland by Scottish artisans. To promote Scottish heritage, Thistle & Broom donates eight percent of its pre-tax profits from every product sold through its web site to carefully selected charitable organizations, which serve to preserve, protect or restore elements of Scotland's culture, history and wild spaces.

For more information about Thistle & Broom:

email pr@thistleandbroom.com
or phone +44 (0)131 208 0923

Katie Targett-Adams launching Thistle & Broom at Dressed to Kilt
photo by Iain Clark
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