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Miss Commonwealth Scotland Joins Darius as Thistle & Broom 'Face'

Taylor to wear exclusive Saltire Gown to highlight her July crowning

25 January 2006, Aberdeen
Miss Commonwealth Scotland, Amanda-Jane Taylor, announced today that she has been invited to serve as a spokesperson for Scotland's own luxury brand, Thistle & Broom. As part of their agreement Ms. Taylor will extend her work as an ambassadress for Scotland to include the artisans, craftspeople and small indigenous firms as represented through Thistle & Broom, Ltd while wearing Thistle & Broom couture clothing during her public appearances as Miss Commonwealth Scotland.

Thistle & Broom already boasts the support of pop idol Darius Danesh, brother Aria, Kelly Cooper-Barr and harpist/vocalist Katie Targett-Adams whose pictures grace the award-winning website. Thistle & Broom shot to fame during last years New York Tartan Day festivities with their show stopping display of exclusive and extraordinary couture clothing from designers across Scotland at the Dressed to Kilt Fashion Show. Darius and his brother, wearing Thistle & Broom's couture kilts in two versions of the bespoke Thistle & Broom tweed, brought down the house with their catwalk skit involving sibling rivalry and forever answered the question of what a Scotsman wears beneath his kilt.

"Like many Scots I watched last years New York Tartan Day celebrations on television, and saw Thistle & Broom's Saltire Gown as worn by Kelly Cooper-Barr", said Amanda-Jane. "I couldn't imagine then that I would ever have the opportunity to wear such a beautiful dress, let alone for such a special occasion as my crowning ceremony." In London where he is currently starring in the West End production of Chicago, Darius offered, "My brother Aria and I take special pride in serving as spokesmen for Thistle & Broom. We've heard only the nicest things said about Amanda-Jane in particular her extraordinary fundraising efforts on behalf of Scotland's charities and her singing voice. We'd like to extend a hearty Glasgow welcome and congratulate her on joining us in promoting Scotland's source of luxury, Thistle & Broom."

With her initial mysteriously cloaked presence and haunting vocals, Katie Targett-Adams wowed an appreciative audience during Thistle & Broom's launch last year and has been carrying their banner high ever since. Speaking from Edinburgh during a break in her rigorous international schedule, Targett-Adams said, "Amanda-Jane is a shining example of the best that Scotland has to offer. Her good works as Miss Commonwealth Scotland are in perfect harmony with Teresa's efforts for Scotland through Thistle & Broom and it'll be wonderful to have her join us."

Amanda-Jane's dedication has seen her take the Miss Commonwealth Scotland title for the 2nd year running. The first woman to win the Miss Commonwealth Scotland title when Scotland was finally recognised as a country in its own right, the Aberdeen beauty went on to win 1st runner-up (from a field represented by 54 countries) in Miss Commonwealth International last year. She will be crowed Miss Commonwealth Scotland at the star studded Miss Commonwealth International event being held at London's Palladium where she has also been asked to sing. The beauty queen will be wearing Thistle & Broom's Saltire Gown in the National Costume category of the international pageant.

"Everything about Thistle & Broom is a statement of national pride - who better to wear our Saltire Gown than Amanda-Jane in her role as Miss Commonwealth Scotland?" said Thistle & Broom's managing director and chief creative officer Teresa Fritschi. "Aside from the fact that she's beautiful and incredibly nice, Amanda-Jane has helped to fund-raise almost three quarters of a million pounds for charities and most of these are in Scotland in about a years' time. That she would consent to serve as a spokesperson for Thistle & Broom is truly an honour for us."

Amanda-Jane closed with these comments, "It's all of our responsibility to promote our beautiful country, but as a beauty pageant winner it's just more visible. In working with Thistle & Broom I will have the opportunity to promote the best Scottish products, help expand awareness of our culture and heritage in a way that is contemporary and fresh and let the world know that Scotland is equal creatively with any country on Earth. I want the world to know this is a really exciting time to be Scottish!"

About Amanda-Jane Taylor
Cults native Amanda-Jane Taylor has been deemed one of Scotland's most successful beauty queens ever earning such titles as Model of the World Scotland, Miss Earth Scotland, Miss Tourism World Scotland and Miss Intercontinental Scotland. The former Miss Aberdeen and runner-up in Miss Scotland is signed to seven model agencies throughout the country, was chosen as Mattel's' Face of Barbie, was the first, and for a second year, reigning Miss Commonwealth Scotland and 1st runner-up Miss Commonwealth International. In addition to these achievements she has also won numerous singing contests. She will continue her work as dental hygienist with her new responsibilities as a spokesperson for Thistle & Broom. Amanda-Jane makes her home in Aberdeen with her fiancé Mark.

About Thistle & Broom, Limited Edinburgh-based, Companies House and VAT registered Thistle & Broom is an award-winning website which serves as a cooperative luxury brand for products made exclusively in Scotland. Founded in 2004, and launched in the spring of 2005, the by-invitation-only Thistle & Broom serves to provide positive economic impact to some of Scotland's most remote areas by leveraging the Internet to offer global access to extraordinary products sourced from across the country. Each of Thistle & Broom's products also serve to preserve, protect or restore elements of Scotland's heritage by benefiting carefully selected charitable organisations with donations of eight percent of the related pre-tax profits.

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