Press Release: 6 March 2006, Edinburgh

Prestigious silversmith Malcolm Appleby joins Thistle & Broom

World renowned engraver and precious metals craftsman's work finds new home - online

Building on its continuing reputation as being the definitive resource for luxurious items sourced from across Scotland, Thistle & Broom announced another coup d'grace today with the introduction of esteemed precious metal craftsman Malcolm Appleby to its e-commerce initiative.

Appleby's work has long been seen as a benchmark for excellence, collected by museums, royalty and connoisseurs the world over. Coming just 10 months after the Scottish luxury firm commenced trading, the addition of Appleby's work is seen as a fitting addition to the efforts put forth to date to frame Thistle & Broom in the same context as luxury firms from other countries. The small collection hints at the possibility of things to come with two extraordinary bracelets in silver, one of which is also available in 18ct gold, three pairs of cufflinks including the charming ships in bottles depicting the Atlas & the record holding Parma - Appleby's family held interest in both vessels - and pair of mixed gold, precious stone and pearl earrings named for Scottish Country Dancing.

Taking a short break from efforts related to a retrospective of his work at Goldsmith's Hall in London, Appleby commented, "Teresa's vision, her passion, and her commitment were evident from the first two minutes spent with her on the phone. She has taken my work and applied her keen appreciation for Scotland to frame it in an entirely new way for the global audience visiting the Thistle & Broom website. I am thoroughly pleased with how she has positioned my work and delighted by our association."

"Malcolm is an absolute genius whose work, including that for the National Museum of Scotland, Bute House and the Silver Trust Collection for 10 Downing Street, encompasses the fullest possible spectrum of craftsmanship in precious metal work and design aesthetic," said Teresa Fritschi, Thistle & Broom's managing director. "His consenting to include his work within our venture is paramount, from my perspective, to being lauded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. I am humbled to be in a position to share a small portion of his work with a wider audience than might ordinarily have the pleasure."

About Thistle & Broom, Limited Edinburgh-based, Companies House and VAT registered Thistle & Broom is an award-winning website which serves as a cooperative luxury brand for products made exclusively in Scotland. Legally incorporated in April of 2004, the Fair Trade modeled, by-invitation-only Thistle & Broom commenced trading in May of 2005 and serves to provide positive economic impact to some of Scotland's most remote areas by leveraging the Internet to offer global access to extraordinary products sourced from across the country. Each of Thistle & Broom's products serve to preserve, protect or restore elements of Scotland's heritage with eight percent of the related pre-tax profits being donated to carefully selected Scottish not-for-profits organisations.

Precious Statements is a retrospective exhibition of Malcolm Appleby's work including large, high profile commissions for public institutions, dramatic centerpieces and all manner of silver for the dining table, medals and other purely decorative pieces. The sporting guns bearing Malcolm's inimitable engraving and his more modest but ever popular beakers, bowls, kilt and belt-buckles and buttons will also be featured. Precious Statements can be viewed at Goldsmiths' Hall, Foster Lane, London EC2V 6BN, from Friday 19 May to 1 July 2006. For more information please contact Goldsmiths' Hall at (44) 020 7606 7010 or visit

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