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Auld Alliance 'must attend' event for New York Tartan Week

Gramercy 32 Fine Arts hosts Thistle & Broom, Scotland's source of luxury

27 March 2006, New York
Today Gramercy 32 Fine Arts Gallery, and its French owner and founder Brigitte Saint-Ouen, announced its intention to celebrate and help to redefine The Auld Alliance during this year's Tartan Week festivities by hosting an exhibition of products from Scottish luxury goods purveyor Thistle & Broom.

The Fair Trade modeled Thistle & Broom will offer a view of the exquisite work of contemporary Scottish couturiers, artisans, craftspeople and small manufacturing firms as represented by the ecommerce initiative beginning on Monday, 3 April and running through Friday, 7 April daily from 10 AM to 5:30 PM daily.

Gramercy 32 Fine Arts owner Ms. Saint-Ouen enthused, "I am very happy to be hosting a small tribute to celebrate the long history of cordial relations between France and Scotland. So often fine art is a luxury that few can truly afford but beauty should be an integral part of everyone's life. Thistle & Broom presents a dynamic new Scotland, but also makes the acquisition of luxury within reach of many."

Thistle & Broom's managing director and chief creative officer Teresa Fritschi will offer visitors to the gallery a brief 15-minute presentation each day at 10:30 AM, 12:30, 2:30 and 4:30 PM, framing the creation of the Edinburgh-based company and will otherwise be available to answer questions and explain the collection on view.

"We provide access to some of Scotland's most talented, but often most remotely located artisans through our website. Brigitte's generous offer to host Thistle & Broom means that the global and receptive audience already in New York for Tartan Week will have a rare hand's-on opportunity to experience the range of creative energies offered by some 30 of the artisans represented through our cooperative efforts," said Ms. Fritschi.

The special Tartan Week exhibit will feature the bespoke fashions, original art and crafts, jewellry and home furnishings from Angelhair, Catherine Aitkin, Malcolm Appleby, Charlotte Cadzow, Calzeat, Iain Clark, Greg Dobson, Renato Forno, Di Gilpin, Greyfriars Antiques, Rosabell Halcrow, Hamilton & Inches, Kirstie Campbell, Hillary Rohde Cashmere, Island Felt, Johnsons of Elgin, Daniel Kavanagh, Sarah Keay, Eva Lambert, Isle of Mull Weavers, Pick One, Roobedo, Piob Mhor, ShonaghK, Spencer Railton, Mary T Designs, Twists Studio Glass, Laura West, and Uig Pottery.

At 4 PM on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the veritable brands of Cognac Tesseron, Dewar's 12, will pour their respective sublime French cognac and fine Scotch whisky to the exhibition guests. The cocktail hour will certainly heighten the experience of luxury offered by the breathtaking views of lower Manhattan from the private 15th floor gallery filled for the week with Scottish treasures from Thistle & Broom.

While the exhibition is open to the public for security purposes the gallery requests advance notice of your attendance. Gramercy 32 Fine Arts is located at 32 Gramercy Park South, (20th Street between Park and 3rd Avenues), 15th Floor please advise the gallery at 212-780-0932 or by emailing of your attendance.

About Thistle & Broom, Limited Edinburgh-based, Companies House and VAT registered Thistle & Broom is an award-winning website which serves as a cooperative luxury brand for products made exclusively in Scotland. Legally incorporated in April of 2004, the Fair Trade modeled, by-invitation-only, Thistle & Broom commenced trading in May of 2005 and serves to provide positive economic impact to some of Scotland's most remote areas by leveraging the Internet to offer global access to extraordinary products sourced from across the country. Each of Thistle & Broom's products serve to preserve, protect or restore elements of Scotland's heritage with eight percent of the related pre-tax profits being donated to carefully selected Scottish not-for-profits organisations.

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