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Press Release: 10 September 2008, Edinburgh

Scottish Style Goes to the Dogs with Jasper’s Knot

Thistle & Broom Introduces Celtic Knot-style Dog Leashes

Thistle & Broom has offered exquisite, bench made, dog collars and leashes for its savvy clienteles’ best friends since commencing trade but today the luxury goods purveyor introduced ‘Jasper’s Knot’ leash to complete its collection.

The English Bridle leather dog accessories with solid brass or nickel plated brass hardware are made in the Shetland Islands and come with a universal one year, no quibble guarantee against defects in manufacture. Hand crafted to order, each piece in the collection is hand stitched, waxed and buffed to a soft lustre with a product range that includes plain, personalised, plaited, both flat and round, laced and braided and now Jasper’s Knot.

With Scotland’s Celtic origins, offering a dog leash that paid a subtle reference to the stone and iron work of ancient times in a material used for as long seemed ‘logical’. Jasper’s Knot features two intricate Celtic style knots, one at the handle loop and the other at the clip, crafted of a single piece of English bridle leather. The leash is available in ½”, ¾” and 1” wide sizes and measures approximately 42” in length and are priced between £18.00 and £21.50 ($32 and $38 USD) plus VAT and/or shipping.

“With the exception of adding ‘bling’ to the sublime beauty of these collars and leashes we’ve tried to accommodate just about every special design request we’ve ever had”, said Teresa Fritschi Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer of Thistle & Broom. “But it’s clear that some styles lend themselves better to big dogs and others to little dogs, I wanted something that would be equally lovely on terriers and hounds; Jasper’s Knot accomplishes that and a little more.”

About Thistle & Broom, Limited

www.thistleandbroom.com Edinburgh-based, Companies House registered (SC262097), Thistle & Broom is the world’s first geopolitically specific and Fair Trade modeled luxury goods purveyor. Established in 2004, the online retailer offers an extraordinary collection of bespoke clothing, Edinburgh hallmarked precious jewellery and home furnishings sourced exclusively from within Scotland’s borders.

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