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Scotsmen Feeney and Capaldi become Thistle & Broom's Newest Spokes Models

'Real men' add allure to Scotland's luxury brand

18 April 2006, Edinburgh and New York
Today Thistle & Broom, Ltd. (T&B) announced two new faces will front for the luxury brand. William Feeney and Chris Capaldi will be joining forces to promote Scotland and Thistle & Broom's expanding couture men's clothing collection.

It was Howie Nicholsby of Edinburgh's 21st Century Kilts who played match-maker during this year's Tartan Week festivities in New York City. Nicholsby had previously introduced Thistle & Broom's managing director Teresa Fritschi to Feeney and provided the meet-and-greet to Capaldi prior to both hunky Scotsmen taking the stage to model Nicholsby's contemporary kilt fashions as part of VisitScotland's Scottish Village in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station.

Nicholsby back in Edinburgh after a frenetic week and half in New York offered, "Thistle & Broom has, in the space of less than a year, created something every Scotsman should take pride in, our first ubiquitous luxury brand. Teresa has a vastly different view of luxury from the more established global brands whose models (male or female) are often waif like. She looks at Scotland and sees our bumps and bruises and embraces that ruggedness completely. Chris was a Rugby 15 player for years, and Willie a championship motor cross racer, the look they offer is one of real men, scar tissue and all. They'll provide a perfect fit to support her vision of Scotland's source of luxury."

"It's all about accessibility. When we look in the mirror very few of us see the perfect images of a glossy ad staring back at us, but that doesn't mean there's a lack of attractiveness," said Thistle & Broom's managing director Teresa Fritschi. "Both William and Chris have something that comes from within. You certainly notice them at first glance, but you are compelled to look further to discover the commanding 'what' - I think its totality of their character, their physicality and their life experiences that demands a second glance; the Scotland Thistle & Broom endeavours to portray is very much the same."

"With only 30 of Thistle & Broom's artisans represented in New York I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride. Intuitively you know that Scotland has this level of quality craftsmanship available but I confess that I had never seen so much of it assembled in one place," said William Feeney. "It would be an understatement to say that I am flattered to be asked and to serve as a spokesman for T&B."

Chris Capaldi offered, "Clothes might make the man (or woman) but they shouldn't overshadow the individual; developing the collection is clearly amongst Teresa deepest passions. She speaks eloquently about Scotland's artistic talents and finding a global market for what's found within our borders. With her 'together we can do anything attitude' you just know that being part of this is going to be a very, very good thing in helping to elevate the global perception of Scotland."

More than a few cases of whiplash were noted as the men swapped out sweaters named Calum's Road, Katie's Pattern, Sumair and Gilgit as a sunlit afternoon in New York's Central Park provided the backdrop for both Feeney and Capaldi's initial effort for the Thistle & Broom website. Special thanks to 21st Century Kilts for lending their offerings to the photo shoot.

About Thistle & Broom, Limited Edinburgh-based, Companies House and VAT registered Thistle & Broom is an award-winning website which serves as a cooperative luxury brand for products made exclusively in Scotland. Legally incorporated in April of 2004, the Fair Trade modeled, by-invitation-only, Thistle & Broom commenced trading in May of 2005 and serves to provide positive economic impact to some of Scotland's most remote areas by leveraging the Internet to offer global access to extraordinary products sourced from across the country. Each of Thistle & Broom's products serve to preserve, protect or restore elements of Scotland's heritage with eight percent of the related pre-tax profits being donated to carefully selected Scottish not-for-profits organisations.

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