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Press Release: 10 March 2007, Isle of Mull and New York

Victoria's Twisted Riding Habit (VTRH) is Ethical Elegance

Thistle & Broom to Showcase World's Only Certified Organic Tweed

10 March 2007, Isle of Mull and New York - Announced today, the breathtaking ethically created Herringbone tweed from Ardalanish Weaving Mill will take a starring role in the daily fashions shows hosted in VisitScotland's Scottish Village as part of Thistle & Broom's couture collection.

Edinburgh fashion designer ShônaghK created Victoria's Twisted Riding Habit exclusively for Thistle & Broom after the firm's managing director discovered the incredible fabrics and sustainable ethos of Minty and Aeneas Mackay of Ardalanish Weaving Mill. The stunning ensemble of greyed bittersweet chocolate brown is loosely based upon ladies riding habits of late Victorian Britain but with a decidedly contemporary interpretation. Named for Queen Victoria, the dramatic two piece outfit features a full length bias cut skirt whilst the jacket has exaggerated shoulders and sleeves against a fitted waist. VTRH has been captivating audiences across the United Kingdom in 'her' various personal appearances including one with HRH Prince Charles.

Minty MacKay explains their relationship with Thisle & Broom this way, "People often think of 'organic, 'Fair Trade' and 'ethical' as worthy or simply utilitarian labels, but Teresa sees these designations as terms which should be coveted and refreshingly wants them assigned to couture fashion. With her enthusiasm and dogged commitment to ensure that Scotland's cultural heritage and traditional skills are parlayed into creating the world's first Fair Trade modelled luxury brand it was a natural business decision to join her effort of Thistle & Broom."

"It would have been impossible not to get caught up in Minty and Aeneas' dream and labours out on the Isle of Mull. After years of hard work they just received full organic certification for their farm and they are currently the world's only producers of certified organic tweeds," said Teresa Fritschi Thistle & Broom's managing director. "To be able to bring their vision of sustainability to tangible evidence through VTRH is a rare opportunity for anyone creating couture fashions."

Special orders for VTRH will be taken during Tartan Week by visiting Thistle & Broom in the Scottish Village in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station.

About Ardalanish Weaving Mill, Isle of Mull

www.isleofmullweavers.com Using the wool of native breed Hebridean and Shetland sheep Ardalanish Weaving Mill produces ethical and organic tweeds of the highest quality. In 2003 Aeneas & Minty MacKay acquired Isle of Mull Weavers and the services of master weaver Bob Ryan. Together they set up an apprenticeship scheme to revive this traditional industry. Ardalanish recently achieved full organic certification and they are currently the world's only producers of certified organic tweeds.

About Thistle & Broom, Limited

www.thistleandbroom.com Edinburgh-based Thistle & Broom is a Fair Trade modeled ecommerce initiative with every one of the products offering being sourced exclusively from within Scotland's borders. Eight percent of the related pre-tax profits are donated to carefully selected Scottish not-for-profit organisations which serve to preserve, protect or restore elements of Scotland's heritage. Thistle & Broom was legally incorporated in Scotland in April 2004 and commenced trading in May of 2005.

For more information about Thistle & Broom please contact:

email pr@thistleandbroom.com

Rhea wears VTRH at St. George's Society NYC