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Press Release: 09 March 2007, Selkirk and New York

Eco-Friendly Scottish Glasses Toast NY Tartan Week

Twists Jacobite Stemware Blurs Line Between 18th and 21st Centuries

9 March 2007, Selkirk and New York - Thistle & Broom, Scotland's source of luxury announced today that the work of award-winning glass blower Michael Hunter will be amongst the small collection which the online purveyor will share with visitors during VisitScotland's Scottish Village.

The exquisite stemware is a patient study in taking something historic and making it contemporary and relevant as well as making an environmentally responsible statement about creating beauty out of something destined for the landfill. The fully recycled, and hand/mouth blown glasses took Hunter more than seven years to perfect his Jacobite inspired colour-twisted stemware.

"Antique Jacobite stemware can sell for hundreds, up to thousands, of dollars (or pounds) each. Twists is a viable (and useable) solution to entertaining and collecting," said Sue Hunter the artisans' wife and business partner. "Teresa is tireless in her commitment to preserve traditional skills in Scotland and, in doing so, is able to bring the very best of which is made in Scotland to a global marketplace. We're clearly delighted to have our work shown in New York during Tartan Week celebrations."

"You'd never know it to hold one in your hand but their glasses were once useless crystal debris from other makers. Their vision, and the standard of perfection which Michael and Sue assign to their work, gave rise to the creation of 28% lead crystal stemware of incredible beauty. The fact that only a maximum of 12 stems can be made in a single day makes them all the more special. The Twists are amongst my most favourite items offered through Thistle & Broom."

About Twists Glass Studio

Twists Glass Studio represent British Luxury at its best, fully mouth blown and hand crafted using 18th Century hand finishing methods which include a fire polished pontil mark on the base and a beautifully rounded rim. Highly skilled techniques are required to produce the breathtaking coloured cane twists which have helped Michael to win several awards including Scottish Artisan of the Year, 2002, three U.K national design awards, and most recently an award for caring for the environment given their use a crystal manufacturers excess. All Twists stemware are hand signed around the pontil by master glass maker Michael James Hunter using a diamond-head pen.

About Thistle & Broom, Limited

www.thistleandbroom.com Edinburgh-based Thistle & Broom is a Fair Trade modeled ecommerce initiative with every one of the products offering being sourced exclusively from within Scotland's borders. Eight percent of the related pre-tax profits are donated to carefully selected Scottish not-for-profit organisations which serve to preserve, protect or restore elements of Scotland's heritage. Thistle & Broom was legally incorporated in Scotland in April 2004 and commenced trading in May of 2005.

For more information about Thistle & Broom please contact:

email pr@thistleandbroom.com

It took Hunter seven years to perfect his Jacobite inspired colour-twisted stemware.