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That which inspires an overwhelming sense of awe is called reverence. It is a virtue often forgotten in our busy demanding lives but remains part of our human condition as is clearly evidenced by Jim Richardson's words. Reverence begins, according to philosopher Paul Woodruff, with a deep understanding of human limitations and grows in a capacity to be in awe of whatever we believe is outside our control. There is no place on Earth which has ever consistently inspired me to stop, take a deep breath and sigh out loud in wonder - as Scotland.

Throughout the Thistle & Broom web site you will find extraordinary products all made exclusively within Scotland’s borders. Each item has been chosen to bring you, or your loved ones as special gifts, years of pleasure. They are beautiful, functional, timeless, (mostly) handcrafted treasures, often unique to the cultural heritage of Scotland, always of exceptional quality and many of which will be made especially for you - patience has its own rewards. 90% of our offerings are priced on the Fair Trade model so that 2/3rds of the retail price goes directly to the artisan. In many instances you'll also find thistle-coloured hyperlinks within the text of the product description these provide references designed to enhance your appreciation of your purchase. Further, under Thistle & Broom’s Scotland Pages you will find a short paper each of which has been thoroughly researched and the content approved by scholars or organisations whose authority on the subject is unquestioned.

Creating an environment of regeneration, of giving back to sustain what we value most, promoting the culture of a people that has given so much to the world at large and preserving the traditional manner of doing things ‘just because’ is an honour for us. To that end, 8% of our pre-tax profits from every product sold through Thistle & Broom will endow carefully selected charitable organisations which serve to preserve, protect or restore an element of Scotland's heritage. A brief description of what your purchase will help to underwrite can be found with the hyperlinks provided, please take a moment to "click through".

Touched by her incredible beauty, rich culture and the hospitality of her people we are fortunate to make Scotland our home and we invite you to visit the place of our hearts, soon.

Dlùthaich dachaidh, come home,


Company Background

From its founding with Companies House in April 2004, Thistle & Broom, Ltd. has set out to challenge business paradigms. Envisioning a convergence of the two seemingly disparate market segments of luxury and Fair Trade with advances in technology and the application of micro-economic theory around sustainability, Thistle & Broom stands apart from competition in virtually every business environment.

The success realised by Nobel Laureate Dr.Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank served as the companies' base-line inspiration - how to positively impact economies within a specific geographic region. Double-digit growth realised by both the luxury and Fair Trade/Sustainability market segments in each year of the last decade and a half, in the most challenging economic climate of the last seventy years, established market demand. Thistle & Broom seeks to provide an alternative to the decimation of traditional skills and cultural heritage across Scotland by the creation of the worlds' first geopolitically exclusive luxury brand underscored with a socially responsible ethos.

The 'efficiencies' of globalisation have played a huge role in the homogenisation of our purchases. Unlike other luxury brands the product offerings on Thistle & Broom's award-winning website are entirely bespoke allowing for individualisation and all are sourced exclusively from within Scotland's borders. The transparency offered by Thistle & Broom allows customers to have a more intimate relationship with the artisan/craftsperson making their purchase. In an extreme version of Fair Trade fully 66% of the retail price goes directly to the artisans or craftspeople, technology is leveraged providing Exchange-funds Transfers, EFT, to the artisans within days, if not hours, of receipt of orders. Tying product stories to Scotland's 10,000 years of history helps drive tourism across the country and encourages the preservation of her cultural heritage providing secondary economic impact.

In the five years since online trading commenced Thistle & Broom has come to realise a customer base in 23 countries and earned media in trade, general business, and glossy publications in nearly as many. The brand's name comprised of two of Scotland's most treasured icons and her most recognisable invasive weeds has become so ubiquitous with the country that queries often provide Thistle & Broom attribution to 18th century heritage of family heirlooms.

View from Braemore over Strathmore, looking to Loch Broom in the distance