What people say

"Teresa! what an amazingly beautifully designed site! It's fast, super simple to understand, very engaging to the viewer and the stories bring the reader broader understanding and the desire to want to be Scottish! Congratulations! I know you have come a long long way and have done everything you could to make this dream possible. I am honored to have met you personally in that little shop in Edinburgh. Tears comes to my eyes as read your stories and viewed your site."
Nou-Ka Yang
11 April 2005

"I really hope the T&B project is a success. Clearly it is more than just a business venture for you, it's something very personal for you, and I wish you and T&B every success."
Gordon and Isabel Harrison
Wester Ross, Scotland
11 April 2005

"The 'Welcome Page' is very good - very emotional how you describe the 'passion and love' for this lovely country, you create a special feeling for the reader, it really touches the heart, I think that your customers will love this! Especially with your extraordinary products - beautiful, functional, timeless, handcrafted and unique - it is interesting for buyers from all over the world! The 'Munro Bagging' story is so interesting! I have never heard that! And then Julie's sweaters - WOW!

"I think you had and will have the greatest part with all the work - it is really YOUR baby - but I'm proud to be a loving 'auntie'!!"
Ute Gossman, Bavaria

"As a daughter of the Appalachian Mountains and an heiress of the innumerable hand-crafts and skills bequeathed from the sturdy Scotch-Irish whose clans and families settled here hundreds of years ago, I have found the T&B catalog and products to strike a deeply familiar and harmonious chord! Whether poring over the beautiful photographs that are so like my East Tennessee home or studying each exquisitely crafted, lovely item; I find myself wondering how soon will I receive a catalog and what delightfully-wrought piece or product must be mine! From the choice of font and descriptive prose to the illustrations of every scrumptious offering, my artistic soul is satisfied!"
Karen Hawthorne, Hermes Scarf Collectors International Co-owner/Co-moderator

"Have just opened my mail and am amazed to know that you are talking about my creations. The text is beautiful. If you knew the long road I have had to reach this stage in my life I can hardly believe you are talking about me."
Mary Thomson, Mary T Designs

"Clearly you are very passionate about all things Scottish. I have just finished reading the description of the traditional Harris Tweed waulking process you sent to me and I have never ever come across such a detailed account of both the technical and spiritual aspects of the process."
Gordon Harrison, Landscapes for Every Mood

"I did enjoy our chat, you have so much energy it is a joy to be associated with you."
Jim Little, Caurnie Soaperie

"I am humbled to know you! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Let me know when I can salivate over the jewelry pictures! Your prose is evocative, inviting, descriptive, and delicious to read. Also give me a heads up whem I can start talking about it at HSCI. With 1000+ members, I think you will find a good customer source there! And those of us who know you will want to help if and when we can."

"Liked your seaweed info. I think it's really beautiful stuff!"

"The site is beautiful Terri. I knew it was always in you to express, and now seeing your creativity at work is more than my nuts and bolts brain could ever imagine. Wow!"
Steven Fritschi

"Your website is fabulous, really stunning, and you have some gorgeous items to sell! Congratulations!"
Margaret Studier

"It is coming along beautifully - I love the opening page - it is quite perfect for the ethos of Thistle and Broom."
Laura West, Skye Bindery

"What a fabulous website you are building! We keep looking at it, and the products are, without, exception, beautiful. We looked again today and talked about how happy we both are to be part of something which makes sense to us, ethically, commercially and culturally."
Jill Simpson

Scots Broom near Rosslyn