Burra Croft, Easthouse, Duncaslate, Shetland Islands

Of more than 5000 originally sited in the Shetland Islands, only two original thatched crofter's cottages remain. Not 'grand' manor houses, but rather the vernacular architecture of ordinary people, built in one of the most remote communities in Scotland from indigenous resources, most of crofters cottages have fallen to benign neglect, while the national heritage business has paid little attention to them. Occupied as a home until 1972, Easthouse is a fine example of the heritage of Scotland, worth making every effort to restore and subsequently preserve.

The Burra History Group is working to restore Easthouse as a meeting room and heritage centre. We invite your further consideration and additional support. Visit the Easthouse page within the Shetland Heritage website to learn more about the project, http://www.shetland-heritage.co.uk/easthouse/

To view the entire collection benefiting the restoration of Easthouse click here.

Restoring Easthouse