Fèisean nan Gàidheal

The Celts influenced broadly and over a prolonged period of time. There was no common Celtic language but there are remaining six separate cultures and languages extant today - Gaelic comprised of Irish, Scots Gaelic and Manx and Brythonic made up of Welsh, Cornish and Breton. According to UNESCO and the World Watch Institute for a language to survive it must be spoken by more than one hundred thousand individuals. According to linguists among the world's 6,800 languages 50 to 90% could be extinct by the end of the century. The BBC reports that based upon 2001 Census statistics there has been an 11% decline over the last 10 years of Gaelic speakers leaving just over 58,650 speakers.

The only way to ensure the continuation of the Gaelic is to create an environment of learning for Scotland's youth. Fèisean nan Gàidheal does precisely that with language, step dance, music and drama for 5-18 year olds. We invite your consideration and additional support. Visit their website, Fèisean nan Gàidheal.

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