The John Muir Trust

One philosophic and passionate Scotsman changed our world. John Muir understood the delicate balance humanity must embrace to ensure our very existence. In many ways the country of his birth provided the inspirational blueprint for exploring the open spaces John Muir found in 19th century America. John Muir, born in the Scottish port of Dunbar in 1838 is largely regarded as the first person to call for practical plan of action to safeguard and cherish the world's wild places. He served as a naturalist, guide, scientist, lecturer, philosopher, poet and protector of wild spaces. He became a founding father of the world conservation movement with the formation of the Sierra Club and he devoted his life to safeguarding the world's landscapes for future generations.

Since 1983 the John Muir Trust has dedicated itself to continue John Muir's legacy to appreciate, respect and preserve our natural world. By acquiring and sensitively managing key wild areas, the Trust sets out to show that the damage inflicted on the wild over the centuries can be repaired; that the land can be conserved on a sustainable basis for the human, animal and plant communities which share it; and the great spiritual qualities of wilderness, of tranquility and solitude, can be preserved as a legacy for those to come.

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