The National Museum of Scotland

Scotland. The impact of the Scots on the world in which we live spreads far beyond the borders explored when her populace was referred to as Celts or Picts. Regardless of your ethnic or cultural background, the country, the word, her people and her history evoke an image both romantic as well as practical. On a global basis we have a love affair with Scotland.

It is therefore no surprise that so many of her treasures are housed in museums and private collections around the world, and not physically in Scotland; these serve to inspire, and also tell a story about the potential of mankind. The patrimony of a nation is to be found in its icons, evidence of the accomplishments of the past and a reference point for the future. To which end, the Museum of Scotland, part of the National Museums of Scotland, provides a brick and mortar environment to house "Scotland".

As collections are edited from public and private sources on a global basis Thistle & Broom wished to ensure that resources would be available to bring Scotland's treasures home. Your purchase of items so identified will provide unrestricted financial resources to endow the acquisition fund for the Museum of Scotland. We invite your consideration and additional support. Visit their website, Museum of Scotland.

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