Rossyln Chapel Trust

Since the 15th century Rosslyn Chapel has captured the public's imagination. Designed by William Sinclair, it took forty years to complete. It is a wonder of stone carving skill and symmetry of architecture that makes you humbled and dwarfed in the presence of all being dedicated to the Glory of God.

In the course of its 560 year history the Chapel has faced down Reformation and been repeatedly threatened with closure. Moreover it has suffered from well intentioned conservation efforts which met with disastrous results. Currently shrouded beneath a steel umbrella framework as part of restoration efforts begun in 1997 (essentially raising the roof allowing the saturated masonry to dry out), its greatest threat may well come from the over-exposure generated by Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code".

Some 17 million people have read the book, the paperback version was just released and when the movie premieres in the spring of 2006 untold millions more will become aware of the mystical, architecturally significant Rosslyn Chapel ~ June of 2005 alone saw a 96% increase in tourism figures. Among the list of rational concerns about too many people visiting is the amount of carbon dioxide and moisture expelled during the normal cycles of human breathing, to the extent that for the first time since 1446 access to the Chapel will be limited.

Fortunate to experience Rosslyn Chapel prior to the recent onslaught, I am genuinely concerned for its restoration, preservation and its future. Your further consideration and financial support is strongly encouraged, please visit the Rosslyn Chapel Trust.

Exterior damage
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