At one time up to 80% of Scotland was forested by Scots pine, oak, birch and alder and a host of native species. With the exception of some high mountain areas, the margins of all freshwater lochs, rivers and burns were well-wooded. According to the Forestry Commission, today less than 3% of Scotlandís land mass features native woodland.

Scottish Native Woods is dedicated to the conservation, restoration and expansion of Scotlandís native woodlands.† Scottish Native Woods does not own land outright its experts offer national habitat action plans and woodland management advice to land owners and tenants alike.† Their riparian woodlands projects, designed to maintain the health and productivity of rivers and burns to control erosion, reduce the siltation of spawning grounds, capture and recycle mineral nutrients and increase biodiversity and their environmental education such as their Growing Up With Trees initiative are quite literally changing the landscape of Scotland Ė one tree at a time.

Based in Aberfeldy, in the heart of Perthshire, Scottish Native Woods is a registered not-for-profit organisation (SC017971 as well as being registered as a 501(c)(3) ) with the American Fund for Charities. For more information please visit the Scottish Native Woods website.