The Scottish War Memorial

Man has waged wars, large and small, for political and geographic gain for thousands of years. To that point there is evidence that, in some capacity or another, a fortress has existed on Castle Rock to protect Edinburgh for almost 2,500 years.

Regardless of your reference point, the costs, in terms of human contribution, suffering and loss of life for any war, at any time, are incalculable. We, safe in our homes and going about our daily existence, owe much to the men and women who selflessly dedicate themselves to guard against tyranny.

The highest point of the capital of Scotland thus serves as a place for contemplation and reverence. Built in 1927 by the architect Sir Robert Lorimer and two hundred Scottish artists and craftsmen, the Scottish National War Memorial serves to honour the memory of all of Scotland's fallen since the First World War.

The Memorial is an independent charitable trust and is open to the public free of charge. We invite your consideration and additional support. Visit their website, Scottish National War Memorial.

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The Scottish War Memorial