12ply hand knit unisex cashmere sweater
Style: Gilgit Sweater
Ply: 12
Yarn: 100% hand knitted cashmere
Sizes: petite / small / medium / large / xlarge (unisex sizing)
Price: £650  
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Gilgit Sweater
12ply hand knit cashmere
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Gilgit Hand Knit Cashmere Sweater

On the fabled Silk Road which allowed Joseph Dawson to bring cashmere to the West lies the city of Gilgit (north of disputed Kashmir). Dawson's method of processing the long staple cashmere yarns from the fleece in combination with pure soft Scottish waters continues to make cashmere from Scotland the gold standard and coveted by connoisseurs the world over. Today, Dawson’s original company has evolved into a portfolio of companies of which their 140 year old Kinross based company of Todd & Duncan supplying all the yarn from which Thistle & Broom bespoke sweaters are knit.

At the ancient polo fields at Gilgit there is an equally old stone tablet incised with the following (here translated) which provides testament to the passion for the game which has no equal:

"Let other people play other things - the king of game is still the game of kings"

The precise origin of polo is lost to the ages but many scholars agree that polo originated among the tribes of Persia before the rule of Darius (521-485 BC) the creator of the Achaemenid Dynasty.

Bearing the name of a place witness to such history required that our cashmere sweater be perfect in every way. Hand knit in just two stitches of Todd & Duncan 12-ply cashmere yarn our exclusive Gilgit sweater lends a chalk width stripe rib down the body. Knit so that the stitches decrease at the waist not only to decrease bulk but to lend a subtle enhancement to the human form of both men and women alike. A bit slouchy, (if preferred we can do fitted we'll just need some measurements), with a raised polo neck we’re confident that this will become your absolute favourite cashmere jumper. We’ve chosen an exciting new palette of Todd & Duncan cashmere yarns for 2011/2012 range across the colours to be found in every aspect of Scotland's inspiring landscape. Made to order, please allow eight weeks for delivery of your bespoke treasure.

Your purchase will help repatriate Scotland's treasures to the National Museum of Scotland.