Thistle & Broom Tweed
Design Concept:
T. Fritschi
Thistle & Broom Tweed
limited edition: Heather in Moor tweed (shown)-(No longer available)
T&B tweed in lovat green (swatch)/
T&B tweed in peat (swatch)
one size
Price: £1350  
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Longing cloak
T&B tweed
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Longing is such a simple word for such a powerful human emotion. That sense of functioning but being utterly disconnected, unable to satisfy that ache that resides not only in the deepest recesses of the heart but in the marrow of ones bones; longing can consume your being or it can jumpstart your creative energies. There is a lot about that emotional state which fit my own situation of feeling I had 'come home' to Scotland and yet unable to fulfill my hearts' desire to make it my home. When thinking about how I ached for Scotland during the development of T& B, the concept for the Thistle & Broom Longing Cloak became clear. Up front we admit we've taken liberty with historic accuracy as traditional Scottish cloaks were only knee length, and it's doubtful that the original offered a feminine ruffle to frame the face of a Bonnie Scots lass, but think The French Lieutenant's Woman meets the Scottish National Party and you'd have it just about right.

Longing for romance, longing for mystery, longing for a caleche to take you to the opera, the Thistle & Broom Longing Cloak is precisely what you need, as it certainly will make every head turn when you walk into a room, or as you descend a staircase. It won't mend a heart longing to stand on Scottish soil and breathe her rarified air, afraid you'll have to get over here and take care of that on your own.

The Longing Cloak is currently available in both sublime Thistle & Broom Tweed colourways or the mesmerizing Heather in Moor Tweed. We've plans to render it in tweeds made of organic, un-dyed wool, Harris Tweed and at some point perhaps a couple of historic fabrics. Silk satin, chosen to match the tweed, serves as the lining while the cloak is interlined as well. Slits for gloved hands, and we use a fabulous antique plaid brooch at the neckline to serve as the 'closure' (romance is a wonderful thing) - otherwise unadorned.

The Longing Cloak is carefully made by hand and will require six (6) weeks for completion prior to shipment date, (subject to availability of chosen fabric). Made to last several lifetimes, the ancients are calling you.

Your purchase benefits the John Muir Trust.

Special thanks to Katie Targett-Adams for lending her beauty to Thistle & Broom