certified organic tweed
Ardalanish Certified Organic Tweeds
Salt & Pepper
natural white and Hebridean brown
Ardalanish Ethical Tweeds
Hebridean/Crotal Tattersal
Hebridean brown with subtle bittersweet
Dark Herringbone
Hebridean brown and Shetland grey
Price: £1500  
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When James Bond is once again a Scotsman he’ll wear this - sustainable luxury from Scotland.

The incredible fabric is the world’s first certified organic tweed, woven by Isle of Mull Weavers at Ardalanish Farms.  Soft of hand, the exquisitely woven natural palette of yarns give physical manifestation to the care put into every step of the organically certified process. The couture is the contemporary interpretation of Scotland’s iconic kilt as developed by a man who in his effort for Thistle & Broom has fully embraced the urban elegance of Scotland’s capital of Edinburgh - Howie Nicholsby. The vision to unite these two seemingly at odds components came from Thistle & Broom’s chief creative officer, Teresa Fritschi, whose love of Scotland manifests itself in a passionate commitment to forever change the way the world (and the Scots themselves) view ‘made in Scotland’.

The craftsmanship, the time honoured perfection of single needle, hand stitching. The convergence of sustainability and the very best in bespoke clothing all made within Scotland’s borders. 7” deep pleats combined with the weight of the tweed offers the aura of military kilts (yes, this is nine full yards of fabric) but without rigidity – lush, handsome, confident and with the requisite swoon factor fully in place. Two discrete pockets take care of your mobile phone, your keys, your wallet and, international bon vivant that you are your passport and those plane tickets to Berlin, Prague or Montreal for arts festivals as cover for ‘diplomatic’ missions. Belt loops for your kilt belt and sporran if you wish, selvedge edge hemmed, the fringed kilt front is hand pulled. Exquisite would be an understatement. Pair with hand knit Scottish cashmere, authentic Fair Isle or Calum’s Road.

Sustainability. Luxury. Sustainable luxury. The new standard of luxury should embrace sustainability. Everything about this kilt is designed to focus your attention on Scotland continuing her legacy of leading enlightened thinking, advancing science, fashion, literature and impacting the quality of all of our lives.

When you purchase Thistle & Broom’s Sustainable Couture Kilt (SCK) 8% of the net profits will be split evenly between The John Muir Trust and Scottish Native Woods to further their reforestation efforts of Scotland.

Limited quantities of Ardalanish Farms certified organic tweed available. Absolutely bespoke. Matching jackets and waistcoats featuring hand-made horn buttons (from Tayside) available, pricing upon request. Perfection assured with a handful of measurements or fittings available in Edinburgh or as Howie might be travelling around the world.

Only three measurements will be required for the completion of your bespoke tailored kilt.
  1. Natural waist (this is measured on the bellybutton)
  2. Natural waist to floor when kneeling
  3. Widest part of the hip (roughly 7" below natural waist)

Thistle & Broom will advise you upon ordering of the approximate shipping date.