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Uniquely attributed to the Scots, the kilt it is the most universally recognised article of clothing in the world. In Gaelic, it is known as the feileadh beag or Philabeg (little wrap) to distinguish it from the feileadh mór (big wrap), the voluminous belted plaid. In either of these forms it has been worn for hundreds of years, day in and day out through all kinds of weather, crofting, war, and romance. Improving upon such an institution would prove either horribly difficult or a fool's errand, we overcame all obstacles to deliver something which causes audible sighs (we know this for a fact) from both men and women over the extraordinary nature of our kilts.

The fabrics used in our kilts are uniquely ours. We source these extraordinary textiles from locations across Scotland and her Islands, and they are all woven in limited production runs on a single loom in a converted shed or in the last of her small, independent mills. They are elegant and refined and unlike anything you may have ever seen used to make a kilt before. To bring out the quality of these wools we rely upon the exacting standards of our kilt maker Ruthven Milne and his small team of seamstresses who craft each one entirely by hand, specifically for you.

We are understandably delighted that Darius has offered to wear our kilts for his various public appearances to show you, in person, what the pursuit of excellence can mean to the appearance of a national treasure (yes, implying that both Darius and the kilt are Scottish treasures).

No less than 10 measurements will be required for the completion of your kilt.
  1. Overall height of man
  2. Weight of man
  3. Natural waist (this is measured on the bellybutton)
  4. High hips (the measurement on the high part of the hip bone - 3" below natural waist)
  5. Low hips (empty your pockets, measurement across the seat at the bottom of the hip with ease in the tape measure but not loose)
  6. Measurement from the natural (see above) waist to middle of knee-cap
  7. Measurement from the natural (see above) waist to the top of the knee-cap
  8. Measurement from the natural (see above) waist to the bottom of knee-cap
  9. A kilt, when kneeling, should be approximately
    1 " above the ground, thus, we require the following measurement, kneel and measure from the natural waist to the floor.
  10. To ensure that the stitch-down on the pleats will be perfectly matched to a man's body, we require a measurement be taken from the waist to the widest part of his buttocks.

Such perfection cannot be rushed, but it will be worth it. Based upon your selection of fabric your wait may be as long as three months, Thistle & Broom will advise you upon ordering of the approximate shipping date.

Purchase benefits the John Muir Trust for re-forestation efforts on the Isle of Skye where the Cuillin belong to everyone.

Darius and Aria relax in Times Square
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