Thistle & Broom Tweed
Design Concept:
T. Fritschi
T&B Tweed
Lovat (green)
Peat (brown)
Price: £640  
To create your kilt, no less than 10 measurements will be required (specify inches or centimetres in each case). Once you have these, complete the form below and select the fabric you require.
  1. Overall height of man
  2. Weight of man (specify pounds, stone or kilograms)
  3. Natural waist (measured on the bellybutton)
  4. High hips (measured on the high part of the hip bone)
  5. Low hips (measured across the seat at the bottom of the hip)
  6. From the natural waist to middle of kneecap
  7. From the natural waist to the top of the kneecap
  8. From the natural waist to the bottom of kneecap
  9. Kneel down, and measure from the natural waist to the floor
  10. From the natural waist to the widest part of his buttocks
  11. Select kilt fabric
  12. Add to basket
Item added to basket

Such perfection cannot be rushed, but it will be worth it. Based upon your selection of fabric your wait may be as long as three months, Thistle & Broom will advise you upon ordering of the approximate shipping date.

Purchase benefits the John Muir Trust for re-forestation efforts on the Isle of Skye where the Cuillin belong to everyone.

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