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Agnes' Fair Isle Gloves

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First, some outrage to properly frame what we’re up against. The ubiquitous American luxury brand Ralph Lauren offered, Fall/Winter 2008, something they called ’Ana Fairisle’ one-size-fits all for $125 a pair! They were ‘imported’ which is the polite way of expressing they are made in China. We can't imagine that you would rather own a knock-off made in China than a pair of authentic hand knit Fair Isle gloves made to order for less than ½ that price? Agnes' gloves help preserve this icon of Scotland’s cultural identity and positively impact the Scottish economy, of what benefit are Ralph’s? I hope you wisely choose Agnes Bowie’s, Jackie Irvine's, Margaret Simpson's or Eileen Sutherland's extraordinary gloves for men or for women.

Thistle & Broom offers entirely hand crafted, taking 12 hours of labour per pair to complete, every pair a unique work of art that not only make your fingers happy but will bring a smile to just about everyone’s face you come in contact with. We started by offering Agnes' beautiful authentic hand knit Fair Isle jumpers - 'Snowflakes and Diamonds', 'Eas a' Chual Aluinn' is her newest pattern and she's also capable of painstakingly replicating your own family heirlooms. We offer Agnes’ all natural, eco-friendly, no dye Fair Isle gloves as well as those in her incredible colour combinations. Obviously the 10 pairs shown are just a small fraction of what Agnes is capable of so send us a note to ask about a pair in your favourite colour. Three measurements are required – circumference of hand, tip of middle finger to point on your wrist the cuff should hit and the tip of your middle finger to your palm. Your order will usually ship within two weeks of receipt.

As with all of the Fair Isle Knitting Project offerings 66% of T&B's retail price goes directly into Agnes' hands. 8% of the net profit of your purchase serves to benefit Thistle & Broom Scholarship to provide stipends for young Shetland knitters to learn Fair Isle Knitting from their expert hand knitting neighbours to ensure the future of this uniquely Scottish cultural icon.