Thistle & Broom's Dichotomy Gown
Spencer Railton
Genuine Harris Tweed/satin. Made to measure evening gown

Margaret Kelly wears the Dichotomy Gown in Flame Red
William Feeney wears 21st Century Kilts
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Thistle & Broom's Dichotomy Gown

Ardalanish ethically traded herringbone £1400  

Ardalanish certified organic Salt & Pepper £1600  

Harris Tweed Textiles in Flame Red £1400  

Luskentyre Harris Tweed in Machair £1400  

Luskentyre Harris Tweed in Losgaintir Beach £1400  

Luskentyre Harris Tweed in Thistle Pink £1400  

Thistle & Broom Lovat Tweed £1400  

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