By Spencer Railton

Evening Gown
Made to measure
Various Scottish wool and satin
Genuine Harris Tweed
Ardalanish certified organic tweed
Ardalanish ethically traded tweed
Thistle & Broom Tweed - Lovat

6 - 8 week delivery
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Thistle & Broom's Dichotomy Gown

Ardalanish ethically traded herringbone £1400  

Ardalanish certified organic Salt & Pepper £1600  

Harris Tweed Textiles in Flame Red £1400  

Luskentyre Harris Tweed in Machair £1400  

Luskentyre Harris Tweed in Losgaintir Beach £1400  

Luskentyre Harris Tweed in Thistle Pink £1400  

Thistle & Broom Lovat Tweed £1400  

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dichotomy, dI-'kä-t&-mE

Etymology: Greek dichotomia, from dicha 'apart' and tomos 'cutting', 1 : a form of logical division consisting of the separation of a class into two subclasses one of which has and the other has not a certain quality 2 : the phase of the moon or an inferior planet in which half its disk appears illuminated, … 4 : something with seemingly contradictory qualities

Land of Pictish people painted blue and a tragic queen, of Runic writings and Scott, the distinct societies as represented in Lowlands and Highlands and Islands, Munros and glens, gentle lochs and burns and the fury of the North Atlantic. Ah yes, and the central belt 'rivalries' between Glasgow and Edinburgh. High contrasts between subsets but taken together part of a rich, fascinating whole, Scotland.

The beautifully appointed windows of High Street are aglow with gowns of sumptuous silk with their plunging backs and décolletage meanwhile the people around me are wearing overcoats. One assumes a man would be wearing a tuxedo or full dress (Highland or military) to the same event a woman would be wearing a gown such as this. 400 or 500 people in the room would still require the thermostat to be set at 60 in the dead of winter to ensure comfort even as it was near or below freezing outside. Common sense used to dictate dressing for the season, with brocades, heavy satins and velvets.

Equal parts genuine Harris Tweed or certified organic or ethically traded pure Scottish wool tweed and complementary or contrasting satin, a corset and a full length mermaid hemmed skirt with satin ribbon lacings and the ability to sit and talk or walk and dance, American woman and Scotsman, determination and imagination the resulting evening gown is the very definition of dichotomy. The pleasure of your company is cordially requested…

The vulnerability of carved stone is some how like a ball gown of Scottish tweed; one part indestructible, one part pure adornment. As such, it seems fitting that your purchase should serve to benefit the ongoing restoration and stabilisation efforts related to Rossyln Chapel.

A handful of simple measurements are required to ensure proper fit of this beautiful gown and to determine complementary or contrasting satin trim. Upon receipt of your order we will contact you to obtain your measurements. Assuming fabric is in stock please allow four weeks for your gown to be made and subsequently sent to you. Special requests on fabrication honoured.