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Eileen's Bits-of-This Fair Isle Gloves

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Eileen Sutherland consummate knitter. Gardener. Four hundred years of tradition collides here in such a way as to represent utter perfection. Warm, beautifully and incredibly coloured hand knit, Fair Isle gloves, mittens and fingerless gloves (for the winter gardener aching for the dirt but in need of something cheerful when everything is brown and tan and frostbitten).

Eileen Sutherland was brought up on the Shetland mainland in a croft located in Dunrossness (near Sumburgh for anyone that has ever flown into Shetland). No electricity, certainly no TV and very little else to distract, girls like Eileen learned to knit at a very early age. Her mum, who set a fine example as being a very prolific knitter, taught Eileen. Her first commercial venture was at the tender age of six – a jumper for another child with Fair Isle detailing at the cuffs and hem and she was paid the sum of £1! A teacher by vocation (now retired) who has made her home in Aberdeen since 1966 Eileen has continued to fill her winters with knitting – whilst she can still be otherwise found in her garden.

In a society only re-learning the value of thrift, of reusing and not throwing anything out, we offer Eileen's 'bit of this and that' Fair Isle hand warming things taking a full 12 hours to complete a single pair (all priced exactly the same). Like her Pitmedden Garden Fair Isle sweater, Eileen's gloves and mittens offer patterns as lush as the most fantastic perennial gardens - all simply using what remains in her knitting basket from other projects! Choose one of the four patterns shown, and if you don't fancy a particular colourway provide us with two dominant colours (contrasting or complimentary ones) and give Eileen poetic licence to create something magical for you or a loved one. Never EXACTLY the same twice, so please embrace this instead of wanting something ultra specific.

Eileen realises 66% of the retail price (plus all shipping and insurance costs) through Thistle & Broom’s Fair Isle Knitting Project. If you think about what you spend on your habitual consumption of Starbucks to keep your hands warm each Fall and Winter versus the cost and the pleasure of wearing something so happy each day the price will seem entirely reasonable. Please understand that each is made to order, there is often a queue for her work so please plan accordingly. If you are 'running late' on your decision making we’ll provide a gift card with photo of the original for presentation purposes - we'll still need to get measurements and specifics to ensure fit and delight.

8% of the net profit of your purchase serves to benefit Thistle & Broom Scholarship. We thank you in advance for your socially conscious purchase.