By James Donald

Scottish Panorama
exclusive mixed weft colourway
Shetland Yarn
Lambs Wool
Mercerised Cotton
Dip-dyed Silk Linen


limited edition of 10
Price: £160  
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5-layer Float

Hand woven scarf
limited edition

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Woods and streams, clouds and bracken, sand and moss. To provide a sweeping panoramic view of Scotland requires another 25 cms in this offering from Pick One. It's hard to imagine being able to capture Scotland's raw primeval beauty in a scarf, but James has ~ brilliantly ~ in his unique Float pattern. One end of the scarf is for wearing with your black or grey coat and the other with your camel or brown coat, the whole perfect for gliding over the shoulders of a simple dress, with jeans and a sweater or a waist coat on the days a coat is too much. Like all of James' work you can 'open' the scarf 'up' by ever so gently grasping the warp threads (the colour reminiscent of Scotland's marble and granite) and pulling in opposite directions (this is fascinating), you can wear it flat (hardly the case) or wrap it thrice around your neck. Oh yes, or you can hang on the wall as textile art as they do in European and Asian cities because it's that too.

Your purchase benefits the restoration of Burra Cottage.

* Given the hand-woven nature of 5-layer Float variations will occur; images and sizes are for representational purposes only

5-layer Float scarf
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