By Isle of Mull Weavers

All natural (peat brown) Hebridean wool with subtle silver and natural white windowpane
All natural (peat brown) Hebridean wool with grey and fawn stripes
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Hebridean wool shawls
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Combine equal parts: magical quality of the Hebrides, a respect for, and strict adherence to, a totally organic philosophy and stewardship for the land, the natural un-dyed Hebridean & Shetland wools of Minty and Aeneas' flock of sheep, and the sublime design and weaving skills of Bob and Marc. The net result is a shawl of such remarkable elements that to wrap yourself in it makes you forget the infinite practicality of such a beautiful thing.

Shawls, in various forms, have been worn my men and women alike in Scotland for seemingly forever. The Plaid? The Arsaidh? I rest my case. Folded in roughly half, brooched at one side, the shawl converts nicely into protection from the elements by bringing the top layer up and over your head, whilst adding a certain charm to a woman's countenance. Any man reading this should think twice about taking her face in your hand and tipping her chin upwards toward you when she's so attired, to judge for yourself the effect a shawl can have on an otherwise 'normal' kiss. Personally a little romance about our clothing choices is most welcome rather than mundane androgeny. And so, to the shawl itself.

The pure un-dyed Hebridean wool is either offered with the nominal addition of a natural white windowpane or subtly combined with equally all natural Shetland wools in greys or fawn colours. The huge size ensures toasty warm shoulders, covering your head from mists and rain, or taking it off and using it to support an impromptu picnic. Yes, romantic. Yes, ecologically sound.

To honour their stewardship of their Isle of Mull property, your purchase will serve to benefit the reforestation efforts of the John Muir Trust on the Isle of Skye.

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