By James Donald

Pocket in Birch
Hand woven scarf
Shetland Yarn
Lambs Wool
Mercerised Cotton
Silk Linen

exclusive Birch colourway

68 x 8 ins
Hand woven in Edinburgh

limited edition of 10
Price: £110  
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Pocket in Birch

Hand woven scarf
limited edition

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"Beneath you birch with silver bark
And boughs so pendulous and fair,
The brook falls scattered down the rock:
and all is mossy there."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Beithe, pronounced 'bey', is the first letter in Ogham, the Gaelic alphabet, in which each letter represents one of the indigenous trees of Scotland ~ in this case the birch tree. When the last ice age ended and the glaciers receded, the birch was amongst the first to re-colonise the rocky, ice-gouged landscape. In early Celtic mythology, the birch symbolised renewal and purification. The word birch is thought to have derived from the Sanskrit word bhurga meaning a 'tree whose bark is used to write upon'.

Glen an Beithe in Argyll, Loch a Bhealaich Bheithe in Inverness-shire and Beith in Sutherland. To be in any of these places, standing amongst Scotland's lush birch as morning mists lift with the soft, sweet song created by a Highland breeze and the soothing colours all around, is fairly close to Heaven. Soft silvery grays run the length of this scarf representing the tree trunks and limbs, the muted greens the birch leaves, and a touch of amber for the filtered sunlight dappled through the trees. Nothing presents a physical manifestation of this experience more succinctly than what James Donald through his Pick One brand has done in creating our exclusive birch colourway in his wonderful Pocket scarf.

Your purchase benefits the restoration of Burra Cottage.

* Given the hand-woven nature of Pocket scarf variations will occur; images and sizes are for representational purposes only

Pocket in Birch detail