By James Donald

Random & Seven x2
Hand woven scarves
Shetland Yarn
Lambs Wool
Mercerised Cotton
Silk Linen

Random: 175x22cms*
Sevenx2: 175x18cms*

limited edition of 5 each
Price: £110  
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Random and Seven x2
Hand woven scarves
limited edition
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For months I had conducted naming research and every time I thought I had found 'the name' for my company it turned out so had a couple of hundred other people. One morning I was trying to figure out what eye liner (true) to wear with a eggplant coloured Hillary Rohde cashmere pullover and a silk scarf by 'that noted French luxury goods firm' in a deep purple and a bright golden yellow. Suddenly it dawned on me that two hard-scrabble flowering plants, thistle and broom, couldn't be more evocative of the spirit of the Scottish people or the determination I had to see this venture realised. Aside, together they had immediate sound of familiarity and the domain name was clear and so was the name with Companies House, thus the creation of Thistle & Broom was one step closer to becoming a reality. I filled out the registration paperwork and paid the invoices - selling the scarf to do so. Opposite tones on the colour wheel, both bloom brightly even in adverse conditions such as early winter months when everything else is brown, we've muted the palette with the use of a pale grey sand colour making the palette wearable by man or woman alike.

James has taken this story and given it over to two different patterns of his scarves, Seven x 2 and Random with stunning results.

Your purchase benefits the restoration of Burra Cottage.

* Given the hand-woven nature of Seven x2 and Random variations will occur; images and sizes are for representational purposes only

Random scarf
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