By Spencer Railton

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The Saltire Gown has become a bit of an icon in its own right; we suspect this is just the beginning.

In April of 2005 it graced the runway (and subsequently Scotland's media) during Tartan Week celebrations as worn by Kelly Cooper-Barr. Men and women alike offered to buy it off Kelly's back!

In early May 2005, our gown was the image featured to support a supplement offered in The Scotsman around the necessity to protect Scotland's intellectual property.

The last weekend in May Katie Targett-Adams was asked by Historic Scotland to model at their "fashions at Stirling Castle through the ages" event, she asked if they might be interested in her bringing The Saltire Gown with her. It took some doing to get back to Scotland in time but we might add it was to the absolute delight of thousands the world over in attendance.

The Saltire Gown is a glorious statement of national pride. While we're keeping the original, sorry, we are able to offer a mere five (additional) gowns ~ limited to the first individual to order from Scotland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, then, never another. Honestly, would you want to walk into a fancy dress event and see someone else wearing your gown? We thought not.

About the Saltire Gown itself. Scottish fashion genius Spencer Railton is the designer. We were wise enough to set him loose to be as creative as he wished. The gown is made from three of our exclusive St. Andrew's Cross, adapted throws (cashmere or lambswool, you choose). It is adorned with white feather butterflies, blue and white feather plumes as well as rhinestones and blue satin lacing (for the boned corset). The underskirt is blue cotton and netting and a companion shawl accompanies the ensemble. Please plan on eight weeks for your creation to made, thought we will make every effort to assure delivery for a special event. Each gown will be made to your specific measurements; we'll be in contact upon receipt of your order to walk you through the process.

To ensure the continuation of the Gaelic language your purchase will endow Fčisean nan Gŕidheal.

Katie Targett-Adams, the sleeping beauty
Pride of place at Scotland Now - Global Friends of Scotland
Special thanks to Katie Targett-Adams for lending her beauty to Thistle & Broom