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She has lived in the Shetland Islands and in the same town of 800 souls on the Isle of Burra her whole life. Knitting expertise runs in her family - her aunt knit Sir Winston Churchill a Fair Isle sweater when he was Prime Minister. Rosabell Halcrow has the distinction of being the very first hand knitter of authentic Fair Isle to become part of Thistle & Broom, the first to sell her product before it was even posted to the Thistle & Broom website and the first sales for Thistle & Broom to be shipped to Japan and to Alberta, Canada. She’s served as our reference to all the other wonderful Shetland women who have subsequently become part of our Fair Isle Knitting Project. In other words, none of Thistle & Broom’s efforts to ensure the continuity of authentic hand knit Fair Isle actually made in the Shetland Islands would be possible without Rosabell; we owe her an enormous debt of gratitude.

The creation of each hand knit Fair Isle jumper consists of row after row of two coloured yarns to form the geometric patterns uniquely associated with these remarkable pieces of art each requiring more than 100 hours to complete. Given Shetland’s historic links to Norway (ceded to Scotland as part of the dowry of a failed marriage in the 12th century) and how most Shetlanders still feel a greater affinity to their Norse ancestors than their Scots neighbours it makes perfect sense to offer a traditional Norwegian Star patterned sweater. We’re delighted to offer Sea Moss for your consideration.

To create her Sea Moss Norwegian Star jumper Rosabell starts with a lovely naturally coloured oatmeal yarn, and then unites two shades of green and soft yellow, deep rich brown and artistry together to capture what lies beneath the waves - Sea Moss. Found throughout the oceans as well as in fresh waters, over 4300 varieties of sea weeds, kelps and algae are known and science hasn’t even begun to discover all of the healing properties which might be unlocked. What is certain is that Rosabell’s Sea Moss nourishes the same way biscuits with a strong cup of white and sweet tea or thick hot chocolate covered with whipped cream does – warming, chases chill and charms all at once. The beautiful Christine Jamieson (and smart – she’s studying to be an astronaut) models Sea Moss but equally fabulous on men. A bit less exhaustive in the making, a little less expensive, still entirely hand made to order by Rosabell.

8% of the net profit of your purchase serves to benefit Thistle & Broom Scholarship. We both thank you in advance for your socially conscious purchase.