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Edward, The Prince of Wales
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About the time of Mary's birth Edward, The Prince of Wales, also known as The Duke of York - briefly known as Edward VIII and best known as the Duke of Windsor - wore an authentic hand knit Fair Isle jumper (with knickers, spectator golf shoes and Argyll socks) on the golf course made by Mary's aunt Maggie (nee Bruce) Simpson. With this historic connection to the 'golden age' of golf and the creation of so many incredible golf courses on both sides of the Atlantic by men like Donald Ross, James Braid, Old Tom Morris who made it all possible Thistle & Broom thought it time try and recreate this 'classic' for your consideration. For years people have been trying to replicate the pattern as worn by Edward in the painting shown below, but given the legacy of her beloved aunt and her inherent capabilities no one has more right than Mary Williamson to call it her own - and she's done so brilliantly!

We took pains, enlarging details over and over again so that we would be able to overlay the colour charts of yarns from two separate Shetland wool dyers to match the colours as closely as possible. Then Mary, with her incredible patience and more than 70 years of knitting expertise got on with it. Entirely hand knit on circular needles and as breathtaking inside as out. We can assure you that the fist is as close to a historic match as might be humanly possible without the original to work from (somewhat doubtful that the Royal Family was going to lend this to Thistle & Broom even if it was available) and a span of some 80+ years, and the second is just as lovely as worn by James in View #3. As always, you can order it and we'll adapt the pattern to your favourite colour combinations - just drop us a note (see at left).

Taking over 100 hours to complete, Mary realises 66% of the retail price (plus all shipping and insurance costs) through Thistle & Broom's Fair Isle Knitting Project. If you think about what you spend on your habitual consumption of Starbucks or the cost of your new Callaway driver versus the pleasure of owning something that is so extraordinary it should be in a museum the price will seem entirely reasonable. Please understand that each jumper is made to order, 4 to 6 weeks is an absolute necessity for completion, and there is usually a queue for her work so please plan accordingly if you want it for a special occasion. If you are 'running late' on your decision making we'll provide a gift card with photo of the original for presentation purposes.

8% of the net profit of your purchase serves to benefit Thistle & Broom Scholarship. We thank you in advance for your socially conscious purchase.