bronze celtic Frogfish vessel
Daniel Kavanagh

Hand cast Bronze
matte or polished interior
140mm x 90mm, 5.5 x 3 9/16 inches
limited edition,12 with artist's proof
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There are so many subtle nuances to Scotland; things seen and unseen, colours, scents, tastes (five distinct types of whisky, haggis is now gourmet fare, tablet and shortbread, her pure spring waters quenching thirst and finishing cashmere and tweed alike). Most remarkable is something you might never actually see - the Scottish Frogfish. It’s not because they are so rare that you wouldn’t see one, but because the Carrachan Bobhla can change its colour dependent upon its surroundings becoming part of the tonal environment so as to remain undetected by its predators.

The Carrachan Bobhla bronze bowl is so named according to Daniel ‘due to the reflections of an image as seen through a fish eye lens on a camera.’ The highly polished sonorous hand cast bronze bowl with its bulbous protruding shapes, the reflective quality mirroring its environment, dependent upon light, shapes and colours to define itself and is starkly reminiscent of its namesakes’ almost completely rounded eyes rolling around and darting about for signs of danger.

Other ancient bronze pieces yet to be discovered riddle Scotland and the far flung lands where the ancient Celts once wandered and influenced.

Your purchase will provide unrestricted financial resources to endow the acquisition fund for the National Museum of Scotland.

Carrachan Bobhla - polished