Daniel Kavanagh

Hand cast Bronze
190 x 70mm
7 ½ x2 ¾ ins
limited edition
with artists' proof
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The pinnacles of the Torridon Munro known as Meall a' Choire Leith form a natural bowl called Corie Liath. Glistening with sunlight or cast in shadows of grey and white it’s easy to understand the source of inspiration for Daniel’s handsome bronze vessel. Corie Liath captivated us with its contrasting textures; in part like the scoured glacier mountain itself, deep chasms where light fails to penetrate and the way the sunlight glints across half the mountain is captured brilliantly by Daniel.

Corie Liath (grey corrie) was evocative enough of the contemporary Scottish art integrated with a vision of her natural heritage to support the first glossy magazine article ever published exclusively about Thistle & Broom.

Have you climbed Meall a’ Choire Leith and experienced the majesty yourself (or love someone who has) and equally are a connoisseur of fine art then Daniel’s limited edition bronze is the perfect way to bring your passions together.

Your purchase of Corie Liath will help preserve Scotland's wide spaces by donating 8% of the net profits to The John Muir Trust.