An artist looks at the world differently than the rest of us. The inspiration for creating can be found in the miniscule and the sublime. In contrast to what "esteemed" art critics might write, there isn't good art or bad art there is simply art that touches something visceral or ephemeral within us. Such art focuses our attention, speaking to us without words and, where possible, demands our acquisition.

The process of creating Thistle & Broom was rather like walking into a dark, unfamiliar room and trying to find the light switch. The beautiful thing about working in such an environment is the absence of prejudice; a name means nothing, there's no media hype or public relations activity to influence a decision, a choice is made simply upon a gut reaction. Further along a discovery might be made relevant to common philosophies or shared passions that connect the creative energies which intuitively drew you to the work in the first instance.

The art within the following section demanded my attention. I was drawn to the work, not the scope of the achievements of the artist (considerable though they often turned out to be). What each of these individuals have accomplished is to express the need of the human spirit to create in a manner honouring their heritage and remain contemporary and vital - like Scotland herself.