Donald Buchanan photographs light and shadows and majestic landscapes filled with bracken, moss, water, rock and sky and sometimes man's attempts to claim this powerful country called Scotland. When he does this best work his subject is Scotland's wild spaces, pulling you into scene and begging you walk alone and connect to a place of raw beauty. He uses three different types of cameras, but his primary camera is a Fuji 6x17 panoramic camera which provides the exceptional quality images you see here. All of this allows you to see his view as your own, as our eyes regard the world around us in panoramic view and what he captures is no less inspiring than the country of his birth.

It is important to note that the heights will vary according to the format utilised in both the photographic and printing processes. In cases where a panoramic camera is used the final image will be long and narrow. Donald's panoramic photography is printed as Giclees and offered in two sizes.

Donald Buchanan
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