Ardalanish Organic Farm and the Isle of Mull Weavers

Isle of Mull Weavers was founded by Bob and Kathy Ryan in 1987. Not too long ago, relatively speaking, Bob met Aeneas and Minty Mackay, dialogue met with synergy of mindset and the Ryan's in turn moved their 1920's and 1950's vintage looms to Ardalanish Organic Farm. The resulting partnership is so natural and authentic you'd think this was an extension of multiple generations bound by blood. Perhaps it is more important than blood relation or pledge to a chieftain, their combined stewardship and reverence for the land has proven to be the root of their successes.

The hands (and backs, and legs and arms and the minds) of all are universally committed to revitalising the traditional weaving industry of the Hebrides but to do so in a manner which provides a harmonious link between the land, the animals and the glorious products enjoyed by the consumer the world over. Theirs is an effort about quality, not quantity, about working with the lustrous black wool in all its subtlety to create tweeds equally at home in the country or at the opera.

They have patiently explored the extremes of weaving with Thistle & Broom. In doing so they have created fabrics which are completely organic in nature the fleece being spun at the New Lanark Centre as well as working with Gardiners of Selkirk, one of the last of the great dye houses in Scotland. In both cases they have tweeds of elegant colour and sensibilities which our ever talented fashion designers work into magical garments which you'll likely hand down to your grandchildren.

The farm is sited gorgeously and I encourage the sojourn from Oban to Mull to visit and experience first hand what belief in a common cause can bring forth.

Isle of Mull Weavers
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