James Donald, Pick One

Float "To remain suspended within or on the surface of… without sinking."

American Heritage Dictionary of
the English Language Fourth Edition

A society expresses its values and heritage through art. This 'soul' is constantly evolving, challenging conventions, and embracing the current through countless medium and interpretation. In Scotland's ancient burial mounds remnants of woven wool have been found. James' hand weaving is an extraordinary bridge, uniting Scotland's historic use of wool with her future by utilising the latest weaving technology available. James translates Scotland which serves as his inspiration into art to adorn your person or your home.

It's difficult to explain what it is that James does, exactly. But using Shetland yarn, lambs wool, dip-dyed silk linen and mercerised cotton yarn, warp and weft threads alike 'float' above the traditional woven fabric. When the weaving process is complete the textile is then finished by washing it wherein the yarns curl and felt slightly, the weaving is almost circular. The degree of this effect varies from pattern to pattern but always adds a three dimensional texture that is unique to the work of James Donald.

In London they have been known hang his extraordinary fabrics on walls. We know of a rock star who will be gifted with one of James' scarves this holiday season, and of at least one Hollywood star who has worn hers for a couple of years - picking it up during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Whether in Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States or his native Scotland James Donald's weaving draws acclaim. We are delighted that his work is available to you through our exclusive limited editions and that we are able to expose you to another of Scotland's creative geniuses.

James Donald
James Donald's Seven x2 scarf