John MacLean's Angelhair

John MacLean has fulfilled a life long dream and come back to the land of his forefathers to purchase a croft rich in history and unspoiled visually. Nestled on the most northern tip of the Isle of Iona, Lagandorain (the hollow of the Otter) is post card pretty from overhead as bound by Iona's highest hill Dun I. Richly scented with the sea, by which the property is also bound, and the machair there are few places so soothing and physically beautiful on earth. I was struck by the reality of The Waterboys wonderful song Peace of Iona when visiting. It is within this setting that John and his fiancée Michele tend to the spirits of travellers (their on-site hostel holds a Green Tourism Gold Award) and care for the land, the only flock of pedigreed black Hebridean Sheep on Iona, their ducks and each other.

Through traditional farming practices Iona is, by and large, organic. Whilst echoes of Iona's past surround and John's philosophy and involvement in the Slow Food Movement and as a member of LEAF, Linking Environment and Farming promoting both an economically and environmentally sound approach to the land, John's flock thrives on Iona's elemental landscape. Most of John's adult life has been spent in the field of Oriental textile restoration and conservation (clients include museums and the Royal Collection) making him well familiar with the nuances of wool. Taken together, John's life's work has led him to create a product in the Angelhair throws we offer which is extraordinarily special. Join Thistle & Broom in supporting John's efforts in environmental sustainability and honouring the land of his fathers.

John MacLean
View to Langandorain and the sea