By Fraser Anderson

Orkney Hand Crafted Furniture
Driftwood timbers

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Orkney Hand Crafted Furniture
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Whilst no one knows precisely how long Orkney chairs have actually been made, we know it's been decades since a new Orkney chair has been designed. Orkney's youngest traditional chair maker Fraser Anderson took it upon himself and decided to fill the design void as well as ensure that this very special cultural icon remains a vibrant part of the Scotland's heritage. This is not simply a beautiful piece of furniture but a testament of a young man's choice to honour this unique aspect of Orkney's heritage in the same handcrafted manner as time immemorial.

Complete with all of the traditional components, this is a thoroughly modern interpretation of the Orkney Chair. Regardless of whether you choose to sit upright, on an angle, or slouch like your Granny told you not to do, the back is rounded and curved to assure your comfort. In both time and materials it takes a bit more to make a round Orkney chair. Fraser takes a full two and a half weeks to make each chair, by hand. The wooden frame is comprised of 32 mortised and tenoned joints of beautifully patinated driftwood, and whilst the traditional design might require the three to four sheaves of white straw, Fraser's round chair requires five to six.

Orders are fulfilled on a first come - first served basis. Given that the Gulf Stream controls the deposit of driftwood to Orkney's shores if you have a specific wood requirement you may well have to queue behind others on a wee list; please consider these factors when placing an order. A minimum of eight (8) weeks are required for completion your order, subject to availability of your preference of wood, plus transit time -- patience has its own rewards.

Purchase benefits The John Muir Trust for re-forestation efforts on the Isle of Skye where the Cuillin belong to everyone.

Special shipping requirements exist; shipping and handling will be calculated based upon destination. Upon completion of your order, notification will be sent with shipping details and estimated delivery time.

New Orkney chair
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