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Driftwood Orkney Chair
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There are those who say that the idea of using driftwood for the Orkney Chair is "pure romance", implying that it's a fairy tale. There is one whose forefathers have been making these chairs for generations whose knowledge goes deeper and truer and his name is Jackie Miller.

Don't get us wrong, Jackie does make chairs with matching lumber from the mill for those amongst us who like things "perfect". But the connoisseur who appreciates the authentic, patina enriched timbers offered up by the sea, whose fundamental beliefs support the idea of living closer to Nature -- this chair is for them. For those individuals he can be found down at the shore after a storm to salvage what might be offered. Environmental idealism meets sturdy islander practicality to let nothing go to waste while creating an heirloom of museum quality. This is a "man's chair", rugged in historic reference, materials and concept, though exquisitely made ~ we also offer Jackie's ladies Orkney chair.

The sheltered environment of an Orkney Chair is the place to hold your child while reading a story. It's perfect to sit in and think about writing that novel you've been putting off while savouring a fine malt whisky. The chair is something you give the man (or woman) in your life that cherishes cultural heritage, respects the environment, whose character requires something unique to mark a date or for no reason at all.

Each chair is subject to availability of driftwood as sometimes Nature makes you wait for her largess. A minimum of six (6) weeks are required for completion from the time of your order, plus shipping, and please consider these factors when placing an order -- patience has its own rewards.

Due to fluctuations in international monetary markets and the time required to build an Orkney Chair a non-refundable deposit of 15% will be required upon order. The balance will calculated upon completion and notification sent to confirm order with the balance to be charged upon shipping. Shipping and handling calculated upon destination (click here to get an estimate, estimate because given that each wood weighs differently and the handcrafting of each chair mean no standard exists).

Though he wasn't from Orkney, another man lived close to Nature over a hundred years ago. His legacy is the preservation and protection of our environment and we think that he would love Jackie's chairs. 8% of the pre-tax profits will benefit the John Muir Trust.