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Tartan teapot
Large teapot 1500ml
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Medium teapot 1200ml
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Small teapot 700ml
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Milk jug
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Cream Jug
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Sugar bowl
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Tartan mug
Medium mug 300ml
Price: £15  
Cup and Saucer
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Uig Pottery Tartan
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I admit it, in spite of my great love of Scotland, I am not a great appreciator of tartan. Oh sure, there is something wildly alluring about a Scotsman wearing a properly made kilt, all the tartan perfectly matched, the resulting swing as he strides away from you. Sigh. But tartans, and Scotland herself, have been diminished by the tat offered on every High Street across this beautiful country and this has certainly contributed to my prejudice. But, there’s a movement afoot to legally protect this quintessentially Scottish icon by attaching a protected designation of origin status, PDO, through the European Commission which would allow hand stitched kilts made in Scotland to share the same protection as Champagne for France, Parma hams for Italy and Feta cheese for Greece. Well involved in this effort are the two men whose kilts can be found on Thistle & Broom differing in opinions of style they have joined other Scottish kilt-makers to establish the gold standard for hand-stitched tartan kilts. All of this will contribute to re-establishing the awe and reverence once held for a Scotsman in his national dress and that will subsequently help expand the profile of the inherent quality of made in Scotland. I digress.

A quick search for ‘tartan + shopping’ nets over 1.5 million reasons why ‘if’ Thistle & Broom was to offer something tartan it would have to be very special. It would have to be tartan that embodied the sound of someone speaking Gaelic. It would have to be tartan that reminds you of a sun bleached day, the air scented with wild flowers whilst the water of a Highland burn (stream) gurgled at your feet. To the extent that holding a mug of tea can remind you of all that, then, Uig Pottery's Tartan ware has certainly earned the exception status granted by inclusion in the Thistle & Broom collection.

Alan and Margaret Freestone’s Tartan ware is hand made with their own unique clay recipe, hand thrown and decorated entirely by hand the tartan design applied with a roller and brush to represent the blue of the sea, lochs and sky, the green of undulating glens and the pinks of thistle, foxglove and heather clad hills of Scotland. The teapot comes in three sizes with such a lovely pour you'll find yourself reaching for this treasure even if only for a single mug of tea -- just to use it. The mug is perhaps the most perfectly shaped you will ever hold, tea, hot chocolate, café au lait everything tastes better in this and warms your chilled hands as your palm surrounds the bowled shape. The sugar, creamer and milk jug are so equally perfect we’d like to suggest starting a collection with a Scottish wedding gift, for anniversary, housewarming and birthday gifts and gifts especially for lovers of Scotland and tartan wherever they might live.

Given the hand crafted nature of Uig Pottery’s Tartanware each piece will vary, photo for representational purposes only.

8% of your purchase of any of Uig Pottery's Tartanware will benefit Fèisean nan Gàidheal.

Tartan teapot
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