Edinburgh hallmarked
925 sterling silver
By Hamilton & Inches

Knights Templar Sword Letter Opener  £225.00  
4-character hand engraving  £50.00  
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Knights Templar Sword Letter Opener
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"The warriors are gentler than lambs and fiercer than lions, wedding the mildness of the monk with the valour of the knight, so that it is difficult to decide which to call them… men to adorn the Temple of Solomon with weapons instead of gems, with shields instead of crowns of gold, with saddles and bridles instead of candelabra: eager for victory -- not fame; for battle not for pomp; who abhor wasteful speech, unnecessary action, unmeasured laughter, gossip and chatter, as they despise all vain things: who, in spite of their being many, live in one house according to one rule, with one soul and one heart."
Bernard of Clairvaux

Parzifal. Avalon. Lancelot. Freemasons and Master Masons. The rise, and dissolution, of the Knights Templar. The treasure of the Temple of Solomon. The 1st Earl of Orkney. The Rosslyn Chapel. Understanding the 'heresy' of the Cathars and their destruction. The search for, or protection of, the True Grail. Rennes le Chateau. The da Vinci Code. At the beginning and continuing through the ages, the St. Clairfamily guarding, what if anything other than magnificent architecture and a waterfall? Taken separately or together, exploration at a scholarly or popular culture level, all have piqued the human imagination for centuries. Romance notwithstanding, a letter opener that will remind its user daily that mysteries and legends are perhaps better left alone than scientific discovery and debunking theories.

Thistle & Broom’s exclusive sterling silver Knights Templar Sword letter opener made for us in the extraordinary workshop of Hamilton & Inches. Based upon the one-handed cruciform arming or knightly sword of the High Middle Ages, its hilt features the Engrailed Cross of the St. Clair family crest supplanting a beehive shaped pommel, the quillion tapers like a bow and features ball shaped finials while the blade serves as the perfect location for its hallmark punches ; for those interested in supreme accuracy the sword blade does not feature a fuller.

The vulnerability of carved stone cannot be underestimated. The ravages of time, moisture, well intentioned but nevertheless damaging conservation efforts and most recently human visitation all have negatively impacted the beautiful Rosslyn Chapel. Your purchase will benefit the efforts to assure its continued precious existence.

Your Knights Templar letter opener will arrive in Hamilton & Inches elegant whelk purple, satin lined hinged presentation box.

Knights Templar, front
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