By John MacLean

Pure Hebridean wool
64 x 74"
exclusive of lush twisted fringe ends
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Angelhair throw
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She could be any woman from anywhere sheltered by her man, cocooned in the warmth of a blanket, a secret lingering on their lips. Man or woman, we all yearn for such honesty of emotion - his strength reassuring against all of life's storms, the unspoken more eloquent than any word or gesture. Perhaps amongst all that is coded onto our DNA is this purest human instinct; to protect our loved ones from harm. Never have I seen this concept captured so sublimely as in this photo, never have I felt it so keenly as lying beneath this very blanket in front of a peat fire on the Isle of Iona. It warms like a single malt as it courses through your veins easing life's burdens while defying the chill or damp from the air around you.

The colour of Hebridean wool is the same deep, rich bittersweet chocolate brown as peat. This is not a designer colour rather more than a thousand years of being the colour of comfort. The Angelhair blanket is woven of all natural wool, no dyes, no pretension, like the Scots themselves.

Angelhair of Lagandorain is from the very limited production of pure Hebridean wool fleece from John MacLean's pedigreed and award winning flock of 150 head living on his beautiful croft on the Isle of Iona. Only 2/3ís of the flock are shorn each year, each blanket numbered against the total produced, a mere 40 being available this year. Back orders have the option of refund (take your chances 'round availability) or wait-listing against next years' sheering, carding, spinning and weaving.

Extraordinary in quality and beauty of the concept, linked to ancient Scotland through the fleece of the rare breed Hebridean sheep itself, Angelhair of Lagandorain is perfect as a testament of your love, for sheltering against the elements, or from the errant dragon hiding in the closet. The Angelhair blanket is the perfect Scottish wedding gift for the environmentally conscious.

Purchase benefits The John Muir Trust for re-forestation efforts on the Isle of Skye where the Cuillin belong to everyone.

Angelhair and the Beech