Kirstie Campbell

Limited Edition
90cm x 140 cm
75 x 54.5 ins
exclusive of fringe
Sky Blue and Cream reversible jacquard
100% Scottish lambs wool
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I have a weather goddess; just about everyone who knows me in Scotland knows this to be true. People say that it is a rare thing in Scotland for the skies to be clear but I have to confess it can be December, February or July and I will still experience bright blue, sun kissed days (enough to sunburn my nose) when ‘coming home’ to Scotland – of course the night before I leave the weather generally turns nasty and pours down rain echoing my tears over the pain I feel at leaving.

No matter how old we get, the sky can never be more perfect than when it is filled with marshmallow puffs of white gliding across a crystalline blue sky. Lying in a hammock or flat on our backs against a warm flat rock drifting off to daydreams far away from whatever our current reality might be. Kirstie may have drawn on the flow of water over a pebbly beach but I see clouds or the wake as a ferry boat cuts through blue seas with foam billowing across the surface and then disappearing from sight as I head across from the Mainland to the Western Isles or the Hebrides. As she says, “in a deeper way, the flow represents the constant flow of nature.”

Spectacular in a child’s bedroom or a calming note to your décor the palette of creamy white and soft sky blue of Kirstie’s Blue Flow is the perfect refuge when your weather goddess fails to deliver white puffy clouds and cerulean blue skies.

Your purchase of a Blue Flow will serve to preserve the extraordinary landscapes which served to provide inspiration to Kirstie, 8% of the profits will be donated to The John Muir Trust.