Kirstie Campbell

Limited Edition
90cm x 140 cm
75 x 54.5 ins
exclusive of fringe
Derby grey and clotted cream
reversible jacquard
100% Scottish lambs wool
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Scotland's stones. From volcanic era agates and 5000 year old monoliths which make up countless stone circles, to the sharp edged rocks tumbling from her mountainous landscapes and sea cliffs to be buffed smooth by rains, churning waters of burn, loch, river and sea waters alike to eventually create soft pebbly beaches. Scotland is defined by her stones as much as any other aspect of her landscape.

One of Kirstieís favourite places is Loch Melfort on Scotlandís West Coast and the source of her inspiration for this dramatic blanket. Kirstieís strong pattern is only enhanced by her choice of the soft medium grey and clotted cream colouration. Equally appealing in contemporary settings or for those who like to shake things up in their choices of art, Stone Circles will remind you of that solitary morning walk when the mists languish and thoughts are filled with poetry or great music waiting to be put to pen and paper.

Your purchase of a Stone Circles blanket will serve to preserve the extraordinary landscapes which served to provide inspiration to Kirstie, 8% of the profits will be donated to The John Muir Trust.

Stone Circles Jacquard Blanket