By Malcolm Appleby

Silver Bacelet:
925 pure Sterling Silver
Edinburgh hallmarked
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Gold Bracelet:
18Kt Gold
Edinburgh hallmarked
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Scots Pine Bracelet
Sterling Silver
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It's no small feat to do artistic justice to a national symbol as revered as the ancient Scots Pine. As the largest (up to 36 metres, 120 feet in height) and the longest lived (generally 250-300 years although a single tree amongst the western pine forest remnants recently discovered appears to be over 520 years old) it's hard to imagine anyone's ability to capture the majesty of this often isolated, windswept species.

Deeply involved in conversation around the totality of his work I literally gasp out loud as Malcolm brought forth his cuff bracelet depicting the Scots Pine. Cast in solid sterling silver, matte finished with a gleam reminiscent of resin coating the tree, the needles, tiny pine cones and open spaces where sun and sky and the fragrances of the Highlands can all be sensed magically capture the essence of Scotland's arboreal treasure. Every element of the tree is present to be admired and discovered anew with each wearing. Subtle as lace, organic and sensual - Malcolm's Scots Pine bracelet is the perfect gift for gardeners, 'tree-huggers' and those with an infinite appreciation for nature. One size fits most.

Your purchase benefits the reforestation efforts of the John Muir Trust on the Isle of Skye.

Scots Pine bracelet detail, top
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