By Malcolm Appleby and Renato Forno

Edinburgh hallmarked 18Kt Gold [limited to 100 pairs of each stone]

or Sterling Silver [limited to 250 pairs of each stone]

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Thistle & Broom's '1124' Cufflinks
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He was one the six sons of Máel Coluim mac Donnchada, Malcolm III (whose father died on 15 August 1040 by the hand of Mac Bethad - same of Shakespeare's Macbeth), and Saint Margaret of Scotland. His uncle (mother's brother) Edgar Ætheling was proclaimed, but never crowned, King of England following the Battle of Hastings. Like his mother David I, Dabíd mac Maíl Choluim, though never formally canonized also came to be sainted by the Roman Catholic Church for his piety and having founded five bishoprics and many monasteries across Scotland, among them the small chapel at Edinburgh Castle. It is with his reign (1124 - 24 May 1153) that the first royal coinage in Scotland was introduced and the kingdom of Scotland established. On the reverse of David I coinage is a cross (according to symbols in coats of arms meaning 'resolution' and four pellets - rounds - these meaning 'worthy of trust or treasure'. '1124' then seems a rather appropriate yet simple name for our collaborative efforts uniting the considerable lapidary skills of Renato Forno with the sublime design work in Edinburgh hallmarked precious metals by Malcolm Appleby. Both men worked with utter resolve to create these exquisitely crafted treasures to offer connoisseurs and collectors of limited edition cufflinks alike something truly extraordinary to acquire.

The stones are culled by Renato Forno from across the Scottish mainland and from Iona to Unst - all cut and hand polished, domed shaped cabochon stones (14mms across by 5 mms high) incredibly tactile to the touch, talismans ( to fend off longing for home as well as evil, immediately recognisable to Scotsmen ancient or contemporary. Malcolm Appleby focused his design energies on simplicity, framing the beauty of the stones with an implied St. Andrew's Cross and four perfect roundels to cradle these volcanic era treasures.

Ancient, modern, timeless and available exclusively from Thistle & Broom, '1124' are the perfect Scottish gift for your groom, as very special groomsmen's gifts, or anyone desiring to wear a piece of the earth from whence your Scottish ancestors originally came.

Moss Agate is set in a slight variation of '1124' which allows natural light into the translucent stone to highlight the characteristic moss figuring. Examples shown are for representational purposes only as nature is not repeatable.

Choice of Agates:
Black Montrose serpentine
Cheviot Agate (range of reds from oxblood to tomatoe with touches of yellows)
Heather Agate (banded pale purples, pinks with grey'd white)
Iona marble (luminescent pale green)
Montrose Agate (banded grey and white)
Moss Agate (figured deep moss green in translucent base)
Mull Agate (banded doeskin and cream)

Gathering Scottish agates from across Scotland to produce these fantastic cufflinks demands that we give something back to preserve Scotland. John Muir's legacy of preservation and protection of our environment seems the perfect beneficiary and as such 8% of the pre-tax profits will benefit the John Muir Trust.

Thistle & Broom's '1124' Cufflinks, Moss Agate
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