By Malcolm Appleby

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Atlas & Parma Cufflinks
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Often as compelling as what makes it into the chronicles of any age, is how one man chooses to honour an aspect of his family's history and maritime lore that makes us all long for a different time; one fuelled by adventure, and tempered by grace. Generations of Applebys have been to sea: amongst them master mariners, master stevedores and naval officers - three Applebys were at Trafalgar. Their long association with the sea included being share-holders in the two Tall Ships he magnificently captures as miniatures in tiny bottles as cufflinks offered here.

Atlas, ex Bertha L Downs, a four-masted schooner, built in Bath, Maine (USA) in 1908 was partially owned (18% of the shares) by Malcolm's grandfather Percy Appleby from 1923 until 1931.

Built in 1902 by A. Rodger & Co., Port Glasgow for the Anglo-American Oil Co and named Arrow, the four-masted steel barque 99,84×14,14×8,04 meters [327'7"×46'5"×26'2"] and tonnage 3090 GRT and 2971 NRT, would be sold in 1912 for to a German named Laeisz of Hamburg and remain named Parma as part of the Flying P Line. Parma was sold to Åland in 1931 and sold for scrap in 1936. Malcolm's father sailed with her and his family held a 16% share in Parma when she earned her greatest fame as skippered by Ruben De Cloux in 1933 winning the unofficial 'grain race' between the ships of the trade, sailing from Port Victoria to Falmouth in a mere 83 days. Her record stands in the history books.

Both exquisitely wrought, detailed front and back with breaking waves and yardarms fully dressed with unfurled canvas; absolutely a must for those that love the romance associated with sailing's golden age.

Your purchase serves to benefit an unrestricted acquisition fund for The National Museum of Scotland.

Atlas & Parma, front
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